A taste born out of the heart

Teresa Festival opens for business in 2000. The founder Teresa is fond of art design and culinary culture since childhood. She had worked as an Art Director for 7 years, during which she developed an interest of cakes culinary and enthusiasm in this filed increases with the passage of time. After years of studies and research, she eventually enter into the cakes bakery industries.

With gifted talents, professionalism and the technical know-how on cakes making, she directed all businesses including bakery, design and packaging of the products before it enters the market. She has firm belief that only high-end materials coupled with professional techniques could make good quality products irresistible to customers, and to survive the business on a long-term basis.

After years of serving the community, her efforts pays off as profits from business reflects that customers indeed really loves Teresa Festival cakes. However, there is no room for complacency, and her passion of making good cakes is not waning. She continues to make improvements on the cake design and methods of bakery in order to suit the changing needs of the customers. Her daily motto is keep learning and making innovative cakes.